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What were those next steps to become “the guy How to find personal information? with the megaphone”? Renny Harlin: Well, that was the funny thing: I had no idea how to go about it. Renny Harlin: I remember that right How to find an individual? around that time, in high school, we had some social studies class where the professor asked the students, “What do you want to do when you finish school and grow up?” And you get all the typical answers: I want to be a doctor…a lawyer…an architect. Then it was my turn to answer and—based on my experience watching Don Siegel—I said, “I want to be an American action film director.” Renny Harlin: Everyone looked at me like: What? Even the teacher. But I had decided that’s what I wanted to be: an American action film director. Blake Harris: Had you ever been to America before? Renny Harlin: No. I didn’t even know even know a single person in the world who had been to America. Renny Harlin: I started pursuing it. I went to the library and took out every book that had something to do with filmmaking or Hollywood or directing.

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